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About Eventageous PR

Self-confessed petrol-head Rebecca blames her father for weaning her on Castrol R. As a child she was never one to have Barbie's, but would often making mud tracks to race her Matchbox cars or tinker of her car garage. As a daughter of a car trader it was inevitable that she would end up in the automotive industry and share her father's passion for classic American cars.

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Rebecca feels exceedingly fortunate to have carved out a niche career in an industry that she's passionate about. As she said, 'I get paid to go to and manage events, that if I wasn't working at, I would be paying to go to myself!'

Last year she had a bit of a 40th midlife car crisis and sold her pretty little 1970 MG Midget which her husband Nigel had worked so hard to lovingly restore and bought something outrageous. So what did she get? A 1952 Ford Popular roadster pickup; with a 3 litre V6 narrowed Triumph Herald front clip, and an Escort Mk2 1600 sport rear axle, its been chopped, lowered and has become a money pit already!

She said 'it's as solid as a rock, loud, stinky and really uncomfortable, but it gives you such a big grin. My family think I am absolutely crazy, but to me it's not just about the car, it's a way of life'. She got super excited when the new bucket seats arrived and spent the night on the lounge floor sat in them pretending to drive. Surely this is what classic car ownership it's about expressing yourself, right? As many of you reading this will understand, she now spends her spare time and hard earned money fantasising about car parts and chrome!.


"Thank you all very much indeed for the huge effort and commitment that you all gave to make the Motorcycle Live show this year so successful. Nine days is a very long show and 110,000 visitors is a lot of people! The feedback received from previous customers was exceptionally positive. Thank you again for your terrific support -there is no way we could put on a show like this without the commitment, time and enthusiasm from each of you."

Alex Duggan
Managing Director, Auritech

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Rebecca Leppard - Publicity Director
tel: 01452 260 063
mobile: 07749 852481

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Royal Automobile Club

Eventageous PR | Case Study | Rpyal Automobile Club

Working with the prestigious Royal Automobile Club, Rebecca Leppard has managed the PR and events for the clubs most prolific campaigns.